Yo Alexa So Sanskari! Amazon's Video Streaming Service Beeps Out Hindi Words in Song 'Abhi Na Jao Chhod Kar' For Censorship, Watch Videos
Amazon Alexa beeps out Hindi words (Photo credits: Flickr)

Censorship in the country has been an issue of much debate time and again. While film censoring has found itself in constant debate circles, it is not just restricted to films anymore. Some of us who are plugged into online streaming platforms have to compromise on some more, even if it means some of the classic songs! Confused? Amazon's Prime Video streaming service Alexa has been conditioned to be so sanskari that she will ruin some songs for you forever. Like the popular romantic track "Abhi Na Jao Chhod Kar" beeps out the word "Chhod." Purifying the song's Hindi vocabulary, Alexa beeps out the word "Chhod" because it confuses it with the Hindi expletive that means “fuck." A Twitter user pointed out the glaring censorship done by Alexa and users are laughing! Meaning of 'Bhosadike' in Sanskrit Shows 'Sir, Are You Well?' Is The Viral WhatsApp Message True or Hoax? 

We can think of a number of songs that have the word "chhod" which actually means leave but Sanskari Alexa will not let you think about it in the same way anymore. And it is not just the text but even the audio is beeped out. Alexa doesn't even allow the word "saala" to be said out loud by it. Amazon is Looking to Make Alexa More Indian! 

Watch Alexa Beeping Out Hindi Words in Songs

You can't listen to the word too!

Next word, Saala!

If you are amused by this already then you also need to see a compilation of how the songs will sound like if you are tuning into them on Alexa.

Funny right? So listening to a classic song on Amazon's service will not be a pleasant experience anymore and more so when Alexa makes you realise what it interprets it as.