India vs Pakistan at Asia Cup 2018: Gautam Gambhir Questions Selective Ban on Cricketing Ties with Arch Rivals
Indian Cricket Team | Gautam Gambhir | Pakistan Cricket Team (Photo Credits: Getty Images | PTI)

India and Pakistan rivalry in cricket have now been only confined to International Cricket Council (ICC) or multination events, say Asia Cup 2018. Once considered as the mother of all battles, the geopolitical relations between the arch-rivals have stopped the previously held bilateral series. However, opinions on the selective ban on the cricket between India and Pakistan have always been there. Asia Cup 2018 Schedule, Date & Time Table in PDF for Free Download: List of All Matches in IST Including India vs Pakistan Fixture.

In a recent, it was Gautam Gambhir who had a say on this. Talking to TOI, the former Indian cricketer said, “If you want to ban someone from playing, you should ban them from playing every form of cricket, whether it's Asia Cup or ICC events. You can’t have a conditional ban in sports. You can’t say we won’t play bilateral series, but we can’t do anything about ICC events and Asia Cup.” Asia Cup 2018: Imran Khan Likely to Attend India vs Pakistan Match in Dubai Tomorrow.

It has been long debated that whether India and Pakistan should play against each other or not. However, after much ado, both the neighbouring nations last played at Champions Trophy 2017 final, where India lost the match. India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2018: Pak Captain Sarfraz Ahmed Expects the Encounter to Be a Fierce One Even Without Virat Kohli.

Speaking of Gambhir’s comments,    he further added, “If you want to play Pakistan in Asia Cup, then why don’t you play bilateral series as well? If you don’t want to play Pakistan in bilateral series, then don’t play them in Asia Cup in ICC events either. That is the decision the government has to take.” Asia Cup 2018: Amidst India vs Pakistan High Voltage Clash, Bashir Chacha Helps Indian Fan Sudhir Gautam; Here’s How!

The last time India and Pakistan against each other were way back in 2013. Despite the selective ban on the intense rivalry, the two nations have been managed to be a crowd-puller, irrespective of the venue of their matches. Asia Cup 2018 Schedule of India Matches for Free PDF Download: Timetable with Fixture & Dates When Indian Will Play Including Pakistan Clash.

Talking about India Pakistan match as Asia Cup 2018, Gambhir said, “From a game’s point of view, I am looking forward to it, but I don’t get too emotional about the fact that it’s a match with Pakistan.” Asia Cup 2018 Points Table: Pakistan Beat Hong Kong, Take Top Spot in Group A Standings of Asian Cricket Tournament.

India will take on Pakistan in an exciting, more so, as both, the sides are the top contenders to lift the Asia Cup 2018 trophy. Come Wednesday; it will again be one of the most intense rivalries in the game of cricket that will take the field. Whose game will it be? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates about 2018 Asia Cup!