Ravi Shastri Trolled After Reports of Sourav Ganguly Becoming New BCCI President, Dada's Fans Ask Team India Coach 'Ab Tera Kya Hoga'
Sourav Ganguly and Ravi Shastri (Photo Credits: IANS &Getty)

Sourav Ganguly reportedly turned the tide and is all set to be the new President of the BCCI. According to reports, Brijesh Patel will be the IPL Chairman and Jay Shah could become the Treasurer. Now, amidst the news of the former Indian captain taking over the BCCI office as the President, Ganguly fans have already started celebrating the Bengal Tiger’s victory. Now, in the course of celebrating his win, a few of them even trolled the Indian coach Ravi Shastri and asked him, ‘Ab tera kya hoga?’  BCCI Polls: Sourav Ganguly Likely to Be President, Brijesh Patel IPL Chairman

Shastri and Ganguly have never gotten along with each other. If one may recall, the two were at loggerheads when Shastri was contesting for the position of a coach and the committee chose Anil Kumble for the position. Shastri then accused Ganguly for being absent during his interview and ever since the two have never left a single opportunity to take a jibe at each other. Now, with the news of Ganguly bearing the BCCI office as the President, takes a centre stage, the netizens have trolled Ravi Shastri with hilarious memes. Check them out below:

Tera kya hoga?

Another meme

RIP video conferencing

Funny meme


We are fed up


Last one

"The old warhorses felt that the way forward was to have equal representation, and while only five names can be given for the top spots, the Apex Council will also see a similar widespread representation. The idea is to give people their right to express themselves," a BCCI functionary told IANS.