179/5 (20.0 ov)IND
NZ 179/6 (20.0 ov)
CRR: 8.95 | India tied with New Zealand (India win Super Over by 2 wickets)

IND tied with NZ (IND win Super Over by 2 wickets) | New Zealand vs India, Highlights And Cricket Score 3rd T20I Match

India in New Zealand, 5 T20I Series, 2020

Date: Jan 29, 2020 Start Time: 12:30 IST | 07:00 GMT | 20:00 Local
Venue: Seddon Park, Hamilton

New Zealand vs India Highlights And Cricket Score 3rd Match - T20I Summary

End of Over : 20.0 NZ: 179/6

That is it from this superb game of cricket. We all need a breather after this game but the action from the T20I series is not over. Join us for the 4th T20I of the series on Friday, 31st January. That game will begin at 2000 local (0700 GMT). Hope to see you for that one. Till then, cheers!

Virat Kohli, the Indian skipper, says that it is an unbelievable game and they looked down and out. Credits Williamson for a wonderful knock and is sad for him not crossing the line. States that Shami showed all his experience and got the game back for us. Praises Rohit as he states that he gave us a good start and got us over the line. Shami bowled two pressure balls and delivered. States that they have to stay calm and that is what they did when New Zealand scored 17 in the Super Over. Finishes by saying that Saini and Sundar are waiting in the wings but the idea is to win the remaining two games.

Kane Williamson, the New Zealand skipper,says that they have been involved in Super Overs and they don't have a good record. Adds that it was much better performance than last time. Is happy with how they came back with the ball in the first innings. Goes on to say that it feels good to spend time out in the middle and build partnerships. Is disappointed with not getting over the line. States that overall it was a better performance. Williamson goes on to say that they spoke about getting 15 or 20 more.

For his heroics in the Super Over but don't forget his smacking 68 in the first innings. Rohit Sharma has been named the Man of the Match. Rohit says that he has never done that before and he was waiting for the bowlers to make a mistake in the Super Over. Goes to say that it was a good performance but was disappointed with the way he got out in the first innings. Adds that it is important for the senior members to step up as if they had won the match, they would have won the series.

Earlier in the day, India after a rollicking start failed to get to 200 and scored 179 from their 20 overs courtesy of a brisk 68 from Rohit Sharma. After the tourists lost the plot in the middle of their innings, cameos from Kohli, Jadeja and Manish Pandey took them to a very good total of 179. Hamish Bennett made strong comeback with the ball after going for 40 in his first two overs. He managed to finish with three wickets.

Then it was time for the Super Over! Just like Shami in the final over of the regulation game, many expected Bumrah to bounce back and change the kind of day he was having. But that did not come and Williamson once again got the better of the pacer. He along with Guptill managed to score 17 off the final over. Now it looked like New Zealand have taken the long route but will get the win and end their duck for the series but the fight between New Zealand and Super Over continued. The first 4 balls were okay. Southee had 10 to defend from the last two. That's when Hitman removed his snipper and shot New Zealand's hope smacking two sixes of the last two balls and breaking all the Kiwi hearts. The wounds of 2019 World Cup final were just starting to heal but this loss has once again revitalized those agony for the New Zealand fans.

It was a very indescribable day for the Indian bowlers. They were not at their best. Their strike bowlers, Bumrah and Shami had an off day. The former was not his usual self, he looked frustrated, annoyed and just could not manage to find the yorkers with consistency like he generally does. He conceded 45 from his 4. Jadeja and Thakur were the stars of the show before the final over. Jadeja went for less than 6 rpo and picked up a wicket. Thakur had two from his 3 overs and gave just 21. Chahal had one wicket as well but was expensive. Shami had a horrid day before the final over. Defending 9, he was hit for a 6 off the first ball but then he made a comeback like he has done on so many occasions. He managed to take the game in the Super Over and keep his side in the hut.

Chasing 180, New Zealand got off to a decent start as Guptill took the charge when Munro struggled. Guptill departed just before the opening stand could reach 50. Munro soon joined his partner. Kane Williamson, the ice-cool man of New Zealand. The messiah, took the control of the game. He took charge and built partnerships first with Santner, then Colin de Grandhomme. The former two struggled, the skipper saw that and took on the role of the aggressor we rarely see from him. Ross Taylor then joined him and the two experienced campaigners almost saw their side home but only for the dreaded final over where once can say they shot themselves on their own foot. Needing 9 off the final over, Taylor tonked a six in the first ball of the final over but then they choked under pressure and could not manage to score the remaining 3. They could score only 2 to get the match to Super Over!

What a finish!!! Rohit Sharma you beauty! India were down and out but out of nowhere they managed to drag the game in the Super Over and even then they were on the back foot but they have done the stuff of champions. Rohit Sharma you masterpiece! The miracle man from Mumbai, the new superman of Indian cricket! He has done the unthinkable and wrapped up the series for the Men in Blue! Once again it is the Super Over which plays the role of the antagonist for New Zealand and has brought about their downfall. The curse of the Super Over continues to haunt them and they just cannot find a way to get rid of it.

Ball 6: Southee to Rohit, SIX! Sharma has hoisted it over long off for a biggie! INDIA WIN THE SUPER OVER! What a poor delivery yet again by Southee under pressure. He delivers it full and on middle, Rohit clears his front leg and rifles it over wide long off for the winning runs. Look at the joy in the Indian camp. They have found a way to make a comeback in this match and have now taken an unassailable lead in the series.

Ball 5: Southee to Rohit, SIX! This one is out of the ground! Rohit, you beauty! Southee errs big time. Serves it in the slot, Sharma clears his front leg and launches it over mid-wicket for a maximum. 4 needed off 1 ball.

Ball 4: Southee to Rahul, 1 run! 10 needed off 2 balls. Pressure everywhere. Southee spears in a very full ball on middle, Rahul shuffles back for a big shot but only manages to drag it down towards long on.

Ball 3: Southee to Rahul, FOUR! Rahul finds the fence! Southee once again bowls a full toss outside off, KL shuffles across the stumps and smashes it through backward square leg for a boundary. 11 needed off 3 balls.

Ball 2: Southee to Rohit, 1 run! A low full toss on middle, Rohit once again inside edges his attempted heave across the line. The ball travels to fine leg and they cross.

Ball 1: Southee to Rohit, 2 runs! RUN OUT CHANCE MISSED! A length ball around middle, Rohit goes for a big heave across the line but it takes the inner half and rolls to deep mid-wicket. Sharma wants the second and scampers across to the other end. KL is hesitant in taking off but Rohit scoots. He makes it with a dive as the keeper fails to collect the ball cleanly.

What a finish from New Zealand. They have managed to score 17 runs off the Super Over and India have a very difficult task of scoring 18 to wrap up the series. Kudos to Williamson and Guptill. They have taken on Bumrah in the Super Over who has had a poor evening. The onus now will be on the Kiwi bowler who will take the ball for the Super Over as the batters have done their job. It will be interesting to see which two batters come out to bat for India. New Zealand are the one in the driver's seat. Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul are the nominated batsmen for the visitors. Tim Southee to bowl the pressure over. Here we go...

Ball 6: Bumrah to Guptill, FOUR! Guptill nails it this time! Bumrah once again bowls a full toss on middle and Guptill hammers it across the line. The long on fielder moves across to his right but fails to cut it off. New Zealand end on 17/0!

Ball 5: Bumrah to Williamson, Bye! Swing and a miss! Back of a length delivery outside off, Kane swings at it massively but is beaten. They cross for a bye and there is a near collision between the batsmen.

Ball 4: Bumrah to Williamson, FOUR! The Kiwi skipper is on fire! Bumrah fails to land his yorker and Williamson takes it on the full. He muscles it over extra cover and finds the fence.

Ball 3: Bumrah to Williamson, SIX! Kane is the man! Bumrah once again delivers it full and outside off, Williamson shuffles across the stumps and dispatches it over backward square leg. New Zealand need many more like these.

Ball 2: Bumrah to Guptill, 1 run! UPPISH BUT SAFE! A full toss around off, Guptill goes straight and lofts it over mid off. No timing at all and it doesn't carry to the fielder in the deep. They cross.

Ball 1: Bumrah to Williamson, 1 run! A length ball is angled into the batsman, Williamson swings it over mid-wicket and crosses for one.

Kohli is having a discussion with Ravi Shastri as to who will bowl the Super Over. Looks like it will be Jasprit Bumrah. Kane Williamson and Martin Guptill are the nominated batsmen for the hosts.

What drama we have just witnessed in the last over! When Taylor hit the six off the first ball of the last over, it looked all over for India. Shami did not give up though as he picked up the wicket of Kane Williamson and gave just a single off the next two balls. Taylor had just a single to take the last ball but missed. Shami did not as the ball went on to hit the stumps and it followed into a Super Over. Brilliant last over from Mohammed Shami.

19.6 W

Mohammed Shami to Ross Taylor. OUT! Bowled! Shami has done the unthinkable, especially after being hit for a maximum on the first ball of the over. Folks, we are in for a Super Over! Full around off, Taylor looks to play it on the up but ends up getting a thick inside edge which goes onto hit the stumps. What a comeback from Shami! Champion stuff from a champion player.

19.5 1

Mohammed Shami to Tim Seifert. Play and miss again but this time they steal a bye. Back of a length outside off, Seifert throws his bat at it but misses. Taylor shows awareness and calls for a run straightaway. Rahul tries to score a direct hit at the keeper's end but misses.

19.4 0

Mohammed Shami to Tim Seifert. Play and a miss. More importantly a dot ball. Back of a length outside off, Seifert throws his bat at it but misses.

19.3 W

Mohammed Shami to Kane Williamson. OUT! Caught! Is there a twist in the tale here? Williamson departs after playing a wonderful innings. Back of a length around off, Williamson looks to play it over point but the ball zips off the surface and kisses the outside edge of the bat which goes to the right of the keeper. Rahul takes it and goes down on the ground. 2 needed off 3 now.

19.2 1

Mohammed Shami to Ross Taylor. Fuller on middle, Taylor strokes it to long on for a single.

19.1 6

Mohammed Shami to Ross Taylor. SIX! Goodbye. That looks to be the end of the game here. Shami looks for the blockhole but misses and delivers a crispy full toss on off. Taylor gets under it and smashes it over the mid-wicket fence for a biggie.

End of Over : 19 11 Runs 20.0: 171/4
18.6 1

Jasprit Bumrah to Ross Taylor. Full on the pads, Taylor flicks it to the leg side for a single. 9 needed off the last over.

18.5 1

Jasprit Bumrah to Kane Williamson. Yorker. This is a very good yorker but Williamson does really well to dig it out towards point and gets a single.

18.4 4

Jasprit Bumrah to Kane Williamson. FOUR! Very good shot from Williamson. He has smartly and by talent taken on Bumrah in this game. Full on middle, Kane gets on his back foot and flicks it fine down the leg side. Samson runs to his right and puts in a dive to save but fails to do so.

18.3 1

Jasprit Bumrah to Ross Taylor. Full toss now on off. Misses his yorker this time. Taylor flicks it to the leg side for a single.

18.2 4

Jasprit Bumrah to Ross Taylor. FOUR! Right in the gap. Full and closer to the off pole this time. Taylor this time manages to get bat on ball and whips it over mid-wicket for a boundary.

18.1 0

Jasprit Bumrah to Ross Taylor. Play and a miss. Full outside off, Ross looks to flick it on the leg side but misses.


The Men in Blue are creating ripples in New Zealand as they have won the first two T2OIs in the five-match series which stands on 2-0 for now. Hamilton will be hosting the third T20I between India and New Zealand and the hosts will be looking forward to get their first win in the T20I series and avoid a dead rubber for the upcoming games. The Indian team would want to seal the series.

Rains will not hamper the game as the cloudy weather and the fans would be able to enjoy a full game of cricket. Virat Kohli, KL Rahul, Colin Munro and Kuldeep Yadav will be the players to watch out for from both the teams. The deck will support the spinners and it will be quite an exciting game to watch.

India: Rohit Sharma, Lokesh Rahul(w), Virat Kohli(c), Shreyas Iyer, Shivam Dube, Manish Pandey, Ravindra Jadeja, Shardul Thakur, Mohammed Shami, Yuzvendra Chahal, Jasprit Bumrah, Sanju Samson, Kuldeep Yadav, Navdeep Saini, Rishabh Pant, Washington Sundar

New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Kane Williamson(c), Colin de Grandhomme, Ross Taylor, Tim Seifert(w), Mitchell Santner, Blair Tickner, Tim Southee, Ish Sodhi, Hamish Bennett, Scott Kuggeleijn, Daryl Mitchell

India in New Zealand 5 T20I Series 2020 - News

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