Patrick Day Dies of a Brain Injury Sustained in the Boxing Ring: Here’s Looking Back at Other Boxers Who Lost Their Lives after a Fierce Fight!
Charles Conwell vs Patrick Day (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

American boxer Patrick Day died on Wednesday (October 16) due to an injury sustained in a boxing match. In the match against Charles Conwell on October 12, Day had sustained a brain injury which the latter couldn’t overcome. The two battled fiercely in the boxing ring and the match went to the tenth round where Day was finally defeated. After being knocked out, Day appeared to be down and was immediately taken to the hospital. The incident left everyone shocked, including Conwell. Day was hospitalized for last couple old days before taking his last breath on Wednesday. Patrick Day, US Boxer Dies Days After Being Knocked Out in Bout with Charles Conwell.

This, however, was not the first unfortunate incident of a boxer dying due to an injury caused in the boxing ring. The bout might provide a lot of entertainment to fans but the condition of the boxers gets really toiled. On many occasions, boxers tried to push themselves to the hilt only to end up in losing their lives. The same happened with Patrick Day who gave his all in the ring against Charles Conwell but the effort cost him his life. Meanwhile, let’s look at some other boxers who died due to an injury sustained in the ring.

Frankey Campbell

The Italian-American boxer was a professional heavyweight. Campbell won 33 of his 40 matches and had a stupendous career. However, the boxer lost his life following a match against Max Baer on August 25, 1930. Baer was knocked out in the second round and was aiming a comeback. In the next few rounds, Baer dominated and Campbell received a lot of beating. Campbell was eventually knocked out in the fifth round. Campbell was immediately taken to the hospital and was also treated for several hours but couldn't be saved.

Daniel Aguillon

Another Mexican boxer who died of injuries sustained in the boxing ring is Daniel Aguillon. Battling against a fellow Mexican boxer, Alejandro Sanabria, Aguillion was knocked out by a punch on October 15, 2008. The injury was severe and the latter was immediately hospitalized. The boxer was in a coma for five days before succumbing to his injuries on the sixth day.

Brad Rone

The Cincinnati-born boxer died after a match against Billy Zumbrun, who was also a good friend. Rone was never an accomplished boxer as he was never able to settle his feet in the field. Before the bout against Zumbrun, Rone lost 26 matches on the trot and the 27th one proved to be his last with the boxer losing his lief at the young age of 35.

Martin Sanchez

Also known as the Fireman, Martin Sanchez was a super featherweight boxer who lost his life due to injuries sustained in a boxing fight. After losing to Rustam Nuagev in the 9th round, Sanchez was examined by the doctors and died one day after the loss. He was admitted to a local hospital where he was placed on the ventilator but didn't survive.

Leavander Johnson

The American was a renowned boxer and has and bagged many titles in his illustrious career. However, on June 17, 2008, Johnson faced Italian boxer Stefano Zoff and lost in the seventh round. After the defeat, Johnson collapsed in the locker room and died due to a concussion injury.

These were some unfortunate incidents when boxers lost their lives in the boxing ring. Patrick day is, unfortunately, another boxer to have faced such a fate and the whole boxing fraternity is in agony by the incident. However, as they say, the show must go on and the fans can only hope to witness any more deaths in the boxing ring.