WWE SummerSlam 2019 Results and Highlights: Seth Rollins Becomes Universal Champion; Kevin Owns Retains Contract, Saves His Career (Watch Videos)
Seth Rollins (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Seth Rollins battled a rib injury to regain the Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar in the main event of WWE SummerSlam on Sunday night. Bray Wyatt overcame Finn Balor in his new “The Fiend” avatar, while Kofi Kingston beat Viper Randy Orton in the WWE Championship match. Meanwhile, in the women’s section Charlotte Flair won against Trish Stratus in the “Queen of Queens” vs “Queen of All Eras” match, while Becky Lynch became Canada’s new hero as “The Man” after successfully defending her title against Natalya. Ahead of Becky Lynch vs Natalya Clash at SummerSlam 2019 for Raw Women's Championship, Irish Wrestler Has a Special Message for 'The Queen of Hart' (Watch Training Videos).

The Rollins-Lesnar fight was the main event of the night and once against Rollins came out on top for his second victory over ‘The Beast’ in four months. Although WWE was criticised for its poor build-up and failed attempt to present Rollins as the ‘baby face’, the match was a thriller with Rollins taking Lesnar through a series of Splash before putting him through the announcer’s table.

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Bray Wyatt Appears in His New "The Fiend" Character

Kofi Kingston Retains His WWE Title

Queen of Queens vs Queen of All Eras

Kevin Owns Saves His WWE Career

Becky Lynch is Canada's New Hero "The Man"

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Goldberg Beats Dolph Ziggler

It was an evenly contested SummerSlam and that makes RAW on Monday night and SmackDown on Tuesday even more interesting. It will be interesting to what turn The Beast "Brock Lesnar" takes after losing his Universal Championship. Also, Kevin Owns' victory over Shane McMohan in a career-threatening game.