Google Can Now Detect Heart-Attack by Just Scanning Your Eyes
Retina scan (Photo credits: Twitter/LegacyMedSearch)

Scientists from Google have developed a new innovation in health technology which uses artificial intelligence to figure the health history of a person. Just by analyzing your eye scans, it can understand if the person's age, his blood pressure and whether or not he smokes. This data can then induce how much is the patient prone to a cardiac arrest or a heart-attack. So we are saying, the photographs of your retina can predict a cardio-vascular history. 

Today a doctor has to perform at least a basic blood test to get to the cardiovascular history. This newly developed algorithm will definitely save a lot of time. Doctors in the past have been able to detect high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes cases through the retina in certain eye examinations. The scientists used this same ability for their research. They trained the AI software to identify cardiovascular risks by analyzing retina photos and health data from 284,335 patients. They were the retinal fundus images - photos that show blood vessels in the eye.

Based on the eye scan it was able to predict a person's age, smoking status (71% accuracy rate), and blood pressure. It may sound unusual to most of us right now but it based on well-established research. The rear interior part of our eye can reflect the overall health of one's body. So the new technology uses the images which are already existing and study them in detail.  

Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for a lot of deaths around the world. So a technology like this can help in early detection of the same. A routine retina scan can give you more information about your body. This process also highlights how a machine can help the doctors generate more picture of your body. Although the algorithm needs to be tested more to be put to use.