Instagram New 'Green Dot' Status Feature Now Tells You Who's Online
Instagram App (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Instagram, a popular social networking platform has introduced a new green dot status feature, which let the users readily recognise, if they are currently available for chat. On the blog post, the company mentioned that the users would be able to see a green dot next to the profile pictures that are available for chat.

Instagram has explained that the introduction of this new feature is to simplify things for the users while chatting within the app.

Instagram New 'Green Dot' Status Feature (Photo Credit: Instagram)The company stated that "This update gives you the ability to have more of those real-time conversations while giving you the control to hide your status altogether."

Moreover, the company has also added a provision of disabling the green dot feature. For disabling, the users need to visit Activity status under the settings menu. After that, the user needs to turn off the toggle, and the status feature of the user will be hidden. Instagram Testing New Feature To Allow Public Users to Remove Followers.

The company recently also added a new feature on the application wherein the public account users can remove their followers. The new feature is introduced in the application to give users more control over their profile and followers.