It's a land trading NFT strategy game based on Ethereum blockchain which is set to draw a big audience. Web 3 has brought forward many advancements, Metaverse being the most powerful of all. Still at its nascent stage, it is set to take over the space as it holds huge potential to make it to the top. Despite being a relatively new concept, it has taken over at a fast pace with many sectors moving towards it.

The real estate industry has also been moving steadily towards the digital sphere as trading and investing in digital land or virtual real estate picks up pace, with many global investors looking towards it to expand their horizons. This growing trend has brought in many players who have made their mark in the NFT land trading space. One amongst the selected few which have made a strong impact owing to its distinctive features is Metroverse.

This play-to-earn NFT gaming platform comprises of a collection of 20,000 unique city blocks based on the Ethereum blockchain. Each city block has its own zone which is uniquely marked into different areas like residential, commercial, industrial, and public buildings. These are represented by an ERC-721 non-fungible token. Players can collect multiple city blocks and build their own neighborhoods to move forward in the game. Furthermore, each block generates revenues in the form of MET tokens, which is the game’s native currency, through which players can strategically acquire and add additional blocks to their collection.

These MET tokens can also be used and utilized by the participants within the game economy to improve their holdings and generate better number of METs. The creators have designed Metroverse to connect the crypto gaming community across the world through Metroverse. The project has garnered a strong community, which has now assured of its success to a large extent. Moreover, people are awaiting to grab their piece of land once it opens publicly.