Now You Can Make Yourself Invisible: Developer Uses iPhone X Face ID To Make His Face Invisible!
Courtesy: Twitter

We have been so fascinated by the power of invisibility. Ever since we have seen the Invisibility Cloak owned by Harry Potter, we have somewhere dreamt of owning it. While the technology advances at a lightning pace, we may hope for some sort of similar device. And looks like someone has gone close to the invisibility feature. Japanese app developer Kazuya Noshiro is making an application that can camouflage a user’s face into the background. He used the latest iPhone X’s face detection feature to make himself invisible.

Noshiro tweeted a 10-sec video which shows his face becoming transparent to reveal the background of his house. It does look a little scary at first because we haven’t seen such stuff live before. Through his tweets, he mentions he made an application on a game development platform called Unity by using the TrueDepth camera on the iPhone X. The phone has facial recognition feature so when the person is looking into the camera, the application, gradually camouflaged the face to what was there in the background. The rest of the body remains, only the face slowly becomes invisible. Creepy right? The camera cannot capture images beyond the surface, so this developer shot the background with a fixed camera with another camera. So basically, if you want to use this supposed invisibility app, you need to have at least 2 steady cameras.

Now we do not know if this application will take shape for something concrete. Plus, it is not yet clear as to what will be the said use of this application. But we are heading towards invisibility on our phones maybe?