OnePlus 6 Specs & Features Expected: The Flagship Smartphone to be Launched Around March 2018

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus launched one of its flagship models OnePlus 5T recently. And while the immediate users are rejoicing owning a new better and smarter phone, the parent company has already started working on making a newer model. Rumours are abuzz OnePlus which carries the tagline Never Settle, has no plans to settle soon. Just after launching the new model 5T in November, the makers are working on making OnePlus 6 available in early 2018.

The flagship smartphone OnePlus 6 could tentatively arrive by March 2018 and will most likely have the fingerprint sensor under the screen with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. The change in position of the sensor is seen in its last two models, the latest 5T shifting it to the back. Moving it to the rear was not very liked by some users who found it uncomfortable. So it is possible, the OnePlus 6 model will have it shifted in the front.

Other than this sensor, all other features will be similar to the 5T. It is also being said the model could have a dual camera in the rear along with a selfie camera in the front. Qualcomm and Snaptics are reportedly working on under screen fingerprint sensors. One of the features that OnePlus introduced in the 5T was the facial recognition and thin bezels. So that will stay, and many other brands also plan to adopt it on their next models. No other features of the OnePlus 6 have been clear yet.

If the makers do launch the new model in quick succession, the reactions of the previous may not all be positive. So if you are currently owning a OnePlus 5T, your smartphone might just get older in few months to come. And if you are someone waiting to buy a new phone, might as well wait a few months to see what this brand has new to offer in its quick successor.