The fame game is not for the weak pursuers; that castle is built around hard work and positive attitudes. Even after reaching heights, the aspirants always try harder to fit into the world that bargains prominence. Some chase after modeling and others are dedicated to acting and performing. Many people give up before making it to the pinnacle of success but those who never back down are the real conquerors. Shivangi Yadav is one of those conquerors who is determined to climb to the top of the peak amid such competition. Shivangi is a content creator who is also a public figure on Instagram.

Shivangi Yadav is a fashion blogger, video creator, model, and content creator. Her talents know no bounds, she is a flexible person with a bubbly personality, an amazing grasp of acting, dancing, and blogging, and has a knack for adventure and traveling. She started posting creative content on social media before she rose to fame. Her Instagram is filled with fans and followers who want to catch a glimpse of her life. She has amazing engaging skills that attract a crowd on her insta handle.

Having a creative knack, Shivangi has 340k followers on Instagram and a total of 2.5 Lac views on her YouTube Channel - AshiviLifestyle, which she joined on 17 May 2021. In such a short span of time, Shivangi gained a lot of views that contemplated her lifestyle. She is beautiful, talented, and classy with a kick of sass. Shivangi completed her graduation from a nearby town next to her hometown, simultaneously working on her modeling career.

She promotes brands, accessories, and clothes as an influencer on social media. Her loved ones call her Ashivi, and her favorite colors are Red, black, and Yellow. The model cum influencer is very health conscious and tries her best to maintain her body weight for perfect clicks.

Ms. Yadav collects her main source of income from modeling and Sponsorship, when asked about her career choices Shivangi has a lot to share with us, “I have always worked hard for my dreams, there was never a doubt in my mind that I couldn’t make it on my own.

Even after working full time, I have a vision of influencing people, living a lavish lifestyle, and hustling to step closer to my aim. I have always been impacted by brands, cosmetics, designer clothes, and traveling and to get an opportunity to work with such renowned names is always a pleasure.” “Friends and family are my strength while my fans are my motivation. Everything I do is based on how people support and love me so,” the influencer said.

The content creator turned Social media influencer is very enthusiastic about her journey. She displays her gratitude by thanking her fans for supporting her all through the time. She is an inspiring personality who progresses toward the glam world and becomes a success. With her creative traits, positive attributes, and dedication to point, Shivangi will surely prevail.