The Earth Moved For 20 Minutes on November 11 Due to Unusual Seismic Activity Around Madagascar and No One Noticed
Seismic activity felt on November 11 (Photo credits: Pixabay)

Feeling earthquake or any kind of tremor can be a terrific situation. For those who would have even slightly experienced the movement of the earth, or rather the land underneath would know how scary it can be. But on November 11, parts of the planet experienced an extreme seismic activity for not seconds but entire 20 minutes! What's surprising is that no one felt it. How is that possible and what was it? The origin of this seismic event was at 9.30 am at 15 miles off Mayotte, a French island which is near Madagascar off Africa’s southeast coast. It then travelled to Chile, New Zealand and Canada. The seismic waves went up to US state of Hawaii which is about 11,000 miles away. Man Made Earthquake In Mexico City! Fans' Wild Celebration After Goal Against Germany at 2018 FIFA World Cup Causes Artificial Quake, Watch Video. 

The picture of the intensity and path of these seismic waves was shared on Twitter by an earthquake enthusiast named Pax. A seismologist from Columbia University was quoted to NatGeo, "I don't think I've seen anything like it. It doesn't mean that, in the end, the cause of them is that exotic." Can Birds Predict Earthquakes? Their Reactions to be Monitored From International Space Station. 

Check Tweet Which Shows the Seismic Activity That Took Place Recently 

Earthquake tremors are felt for just a few seconds to minutes but leave a huge impact. It is the aftershocks that last long, give rise to tsunami waves creating more damage. There are a variety of waves that are created post an earthquake tremor depending upon the intensity. It is said the ones felt at Mayotte were the long period surface waves which travelled over a large surface. But looking back in the nearby areas, there was no reported earthquake activity which could have triggered these waves. This makes the seismic activity more bizarre as there the exact cause and reason behind it is not yet known.

Scientists too are mystified by this monotonous occurrence and extremely low-frequency signal. They are investigating this strange phenomenon. As of now, the explanation given is a magma body is moving through the subsurface of Mayotte. This may have caused magma chamber collapse. While some others term, it is as a slow earthquake. Whatever it was, it is sure intriguing!