Infuencity - behind the influencers

Influencity is the brainchild of Daniel Sanchez, CEO and Founder. Daniel has extensive experience and expertise having operated as a tech consultant for many of the world’s most prestigious consulting firms, with software engineering academics in support. Prior to founding Influencity in 2014, Daniel worked across the globe, in Australia, UK, US, and Spain and the broader EU market. During this time he has managed International projects valued in excess of € 3 million and managed teams of 50+ individuals within a range of geographical regions and contexts. Before shifting his attention to Influencity, Daniel had built up and sold his first crowdfunding platform, designed to support social causes.

Influencity is a full-service influencer marketing platform that provides access to comprehensive data and process options in one place. Since 2014 it has grown to be the leading platform of its type with a database of in excess of 100 million online influencers across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. This places Influencity far above its competitors in client utility and provides a personalisable range of solutions for customers’ influencer marketing needs.

Influencity- Population: You!

With most marketing campaigns aiming to positively harness the power of social media Influencers to connect with a Instagram-oriented, targeted demographic and ensure maximum reach, all businesses have to understand their target audience, means of connection with online audiences, and use of appropriate Influencers to deliver on investment. This is the role Influencity seeks to occupy, through its unique platform with an intuitive user interface.

Daniel makes the boast for his software that it is the most completed AI-powered Influencer Marketing platform on the global market for leading brands and agency-use, and this analysis is not unreasonable. With up to 60 functionalities to help manage and optimise influencer campaigns at scale, the platform is virtually personalisable to give a bespoke service to any company no matter the size or industry.

Influencity users are able to browse and select, and develop an influencer list via the 100 million-plus influencers database using a 20-axis filter function, which includes gender, age, interest, brand affinity, engagement, and keywords and hashtags). Marketers are able to narrow in on appropriate influencers to focus on a pre-selected target audience.

Users are able to micro-review Influencer’s social media profile in order to analyse individual Influencers, supporting the development of an appropriate Influencer list. The analysis includes numbers of followers and quality, Key Performance Indicators, demographics, and audience overlap. In-built is Influencity’s fraud detection which provides clients with greater cybersecurity.

In addition by supplying all influencer KPIs, including income from media, marketers can manage and estimate a campaign’s efficacy prior to commencement. All data is presented in a visual and easily consumable format, designed with the user in mind. Further, results can be measured and analysed using the automatically generated reporting function with metrics, graphs and data from the whole of the campaign.

Whilst Influencity is based in Spain, it has a worldwide reach with operations in more than 45 countries and acts for truly global brands including Samsung and Nestle with global agencies like Ogilvy and Reprise.

Influencing the future

Daniel and Influencity have developed an excellent foundation to build from in 2021. Having increased ARR to $500k in a single 12 months period, and being awarded Most Scalable Product by South Summit in 2019, and been identified as a Top20 Influencer Marketing Platform globally by Crozdesk and in 2020, Influencity is getting the industry attention that is needed to grow.

In 2021 a new tracking system and social listening tool will be launched to complete the end-to-end workflow for client’s marketing campaigns. In addition, Influencity will complete an Acquisition to enhance its technology Research and Development as well as increase its market share and client base. Both developments will support the express goal of maintaining Influencity’s 15% monthly growth rate and will keep Influencity as one to watch in 2021 and the coming years.