Waste in Ladakh to Be Cleaned by Tesla's BlackHOLE Technology
Pangong lake, Ladakh (Photo credits: Unsplash, Sayan Nath)

Ladakh, popularly called the roof of the world is seen a surge in the number of tourists in the recent years. As more and more tourists come to visit the beautiful vast expanses of mountains and scenic plateaus, they also leave behind a lot of waste. To get rid of all the waste accumulated on the high altitude tourist spot, a BlackHOLE waste disposal technology by Tesla is being implemented soon. China Intrudes 400m Into Ladakh's Demchok; Efforts on by Indian Forces to Remove Them.

This innovative waste disposal technology becomes the need of the hour for Ladakh which is seeing a tourism boom that's affecting the ecology in the area. The number of arrivals has only doubled over the years and by the end of October, there will be almost 3 lakh tourists visiting the spot this year. The June-August period saw so many tourists that there was almost 15-16 tonne of daily trash accumulated around the popular tourist spots- the Nubra valley in north-west Ladakh and Pangong-Tso and Tso-Moriri lakes in the east.

All the trash is usually sent to the plains to be treated but given the rugged terrain, it is not exactly convenient. The locals know how to manage their daily waste but the tourist influx is too much. Garbage from Leh is usually dumped at a nearby town called Bomb Garh. But the waste from other areas remains dumped by the mountainside. The winds in the area make it even more difficult to manage. Bengaluru Woman Biker With Hearing Disability Rides 8,300 km on Bike From Bengaluru to Ladakh. 

BlackHole technology uses plasma heat decomposition which will turn the waste into ashes. It will also not use any fuel or power. It has low maintenance and the resultant ash can be reused for construction purposes. Leh deputy commissioner Avny Lavasa told TOI about the implementation of the new technology. She said, " We have placed orders with Bengaluru-based Tesla Energy for a plant with daily capacity of one tonne and expect it in 2-3 months. All of us have put out heads together. The BRO (Border Roads Organisation) has assured to buy the ash for building roads."

Along with this, they are also planning to regulate the tourists better. No new taxi permits are given out, the constructions near Pangong lake all stay banned. It is an important step considering the overtourism damaging the beauty of the place.