WhatsApp New Update: Now You Can Add Group Descriptions and Send Stickers
Representational Image | WhatsApp (Photo Credits: PTI)

Messaging application WhatsApp is once again trying out some new features. Soon it will let you add group descriptions and also send stickers, very similar to Facebook Messenger. This feature however, seems to be only for the Android users. It was recently seen on one of the users of a windows phone with WhatsApp beta version.

In the new update which will be launched in a few days, one can add more to a group than just the name. Under the group info, you can add a few lines about the group and it will be visible to every member added to the group. The feature would be useful, especially when group chats are created for a particular purpose, such as an event, meeting, or any other occasion. There can be further modifications later on.

Other than that, there will also be stickers added to your smiley collection. The application has been introducing newer updates and recently they added more emojis to the already existing ones, inclusive of genders. They added more professions and even included the GIFs option. So soon you will also have stickers rolling in. Wonder what all will those be about. Well, then it will be very similar to Facebook. The sticker pack on WhatsApp will be connected to the Facebook messenger app. Also, when someone sends you a sticker, you will get a notification with a heart symbol. But then you will have to download these sticker packs and then send them to the person. This could cause some space issues on your phone. WhatsApp Update: Now You Can Switch to Video Calls From Ongoing Voice Call On The Messaging App

WhatsApp keeps testing these features on its beta version. Those may or may not necessarily be included in the application later on. But given the popularity of using stickers on Facebook, we see it happening soon.