WhatsApp’s 100MB File Transfer Limit Mocked By Telegram; Check Tweets
WhatsApp Logo (Photo Credits: Unsplash)

WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging platforms currently available to the users. The Facebook-owned messaging service has been upgraded with new features to make its more useful, better and safer for its users. One of the upgraded features is 100MB data transfer limit, which has been increased from 16MB limit. To boast about the same, WhatsApp recently took to Twitter to let users know about its 100MB file transfer limit. The messaging platform went on to suggest the users that they can use WhatsApp for sending large files instead of using emails for the same. New WhatsApp Features: Top 5 Features That Might Be Rolled On WhatsApp This Month.

This piece of information was shared by WhatsApp by a tweet on the micro-blogging site. Telegram, a WhatsApp rival, took this as an opportunity to mock the platform for its limited capabilities and 100MB file transfer limit.

Here's what WhatsApp mentioned in its Tweet- “Need to send an email but the attachment is too large? Try using WhatsApp instead, where you can send files of up to 100 MB.”

We know that 100MB limit would have been a generous limit, if we used this service or feature a couple of years ago, particularly when email services offered very restrictive limits for file attachments.

The Telegram Messenger mocked WhatsApp’s 100MB file transfer limit by replying “Need to send a message but the attachment is too large for other messengers? Try using Telegram instead, where you can send files of up to 1.5 GB.”

With the increasing modern day technology, people love to share or send large files comprising of high resolution images or 4K videos. And, WhatsApp's 100MB transfer limit may not be enough or sufficient for some users to carry out this procedure.

It is important to note that Telegraph offers 1.5GB transfer limit, which is a huge upgrade over WhatsApp. However, we don't see people sending large files or high resolution images over mobile data. The large file transfers are generally carried out while using Wi-Fi. We believe that this slight mocking might encourage WhatsApp to increase data transfer limit to make it competitive enough for the users.