Madhya Pradesh: COVID-19 Patients Treated In Orange Field By Quack Doctors

INDIA Team Latestly|

Patients lying on the roadside & IV fluid bottles hanging from trees, that's how treatment is happening in a rural area of Agar-Malwa district in Madhya Pradesh. With the locals afraid to go to government hospitals, unlicensed practitioners are treating patients in the most rudimentary fashion. There is no arrangement for drugs or even electricity. In an orange farm, located 200 meters from the highway, patients are seen lying on sheets & cardboard pallets. Bags of IV fluid are seen hanging from trees. There is no social distancing & no one is seen using a mask. The shocking video is from near village Dhaniyakhedi, around 200 km from state capital Bhopal, on the road leading from Susner to Pidawa Rajasthan. Watch the video to know more.

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