Mumbai, May 28: In a shocking incident that took place in Australia, a man allegedly stabbed his pregnant partner to death a few weeks after she saved his life. The accused was identified as Benjamin Coman, whose toxic behaviour was tolerated by his partner and the mother of his two children. The 32-year-old social worker identified as Michelle Darragh is said to have given her partner many chances, however, things went from bad to worse after Darragh was pregnant with her third child.

According to a report in Mirror.Co.UK, the couple who have been together for about five years were living in Bayswater North, east of Melbourne, Australia with their two sons. As per the report Michelle was involved in drug rehabilitation as a social worker, however, her partner Coman did the opposite. Reports say that Coman used to visit brothels and even meet sex workers. Racist Attack in Australia: Indian student Pursuing PhD at University of New South Wales Critical After Being Stabbed, One Arrested.

Coman Accused Darragh of Cheating on Him

Coman is also said to be a drug user who reportedly spent the family's money on cannabis, methamphetamine and cocaine among other drugs. Even after all the troubles, Michelle was said to be loyal to him, however, Coman claimed that she was having an affair with his best friend. He further went on to claim that one of his two sons wasn't his.

On his partner's 30th birthday in September 2019, Conman is said to have fallen asleep and he wrongly claimed that his partner used the opportunity to cheat on him again. Two years down the line, Darragh learned that she was pregnant but things turned ugly when she found out that her partner spent over $80,000 on a sports car. He used the family savings saved for the house deposit. When Coman asked her to abort the child and choose between the two, she moved back to her parent's home. Agra Student Stabbed Multiple Times in Australia, Attacker Held; Indian Consulate Assisting for Visa to Kin.

A few days later, Michelle found found Coman in his car which was filled with toxic gas, She immediately dragged him out of the car and saved his life. In October when Michell went again to Coman's place to collect her clothes, he stabbed her to death. Notably, emergency services had declared Michelle and her unborn child dead. Her body was found by her father. Later, Coman confessed to his crime and said that he stabbed himself after killing Michelle. He has been jailed for 25 years.

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