Mumbai, December 3: In a bizarre incident that took place in China, a pregnant woman was allegedly caught with computer chips. As per reports, the woman, who faked her pregnancy, was caught with 202 computer chips and nine smartphones inside her baby bump. The incident came to light when the woman was arrested while trying to smuggle the chips and smartphones.

According to a report in Wion News, the woman was entering Southern Guangdong province's Zhuhai when she was arrested. Surprisingly, the woman was caught with semiconductors, which she tried to smuggle inside her fake pregnancy prosthetic. An officer privy to the case said they became suspicious of the woman when they questioned her. Gruesome! Texas Woman Fakes Pregnancy Using Silicone Tummy, Stabs Pregnant Mother Over 100 Times To Steal Her Unborn Child; Awarded Death Sentence.

Speaking to Bloomberg, an officer said, "She was about five or six months pregnant but had a really big belly that looked like she was in the third trimester." As per reports, a fake underground market has emerged across China to meet the growing demand for chips and cheap processors.

Reportedly, a market for semiconductors and cheap processors came up in China in 2020 after there was a shortage of chips and other electronic parts due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Reports also suggest that the underground markets in China comprise of hundreds and thousands of middlemen. Gruesome! Man Brutally Stabs Girlfriend to Death for Refusing To Have Sex With Him in Alabama, Decapitated Body of Victim Found.

Surprisingly, the second-hand or outdated chips fetch 500 times prices when compared to that of the original cost. Reports also suggest that time and again, smugglers have been caught at the border with dozens of devices including chips, smartphones and processors among other items.

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