Hong Kong: Protestors Clash with Riot Police, Petrol Bombs Replied with Water Cannons
Protests in Hong Kong. (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Hong Kong, September 15: As a part of the ongoing demonstration in Hong Kong (HK), protestors on Sunday threw petrol bombs as the riot police continued to respond with water cannons and tear gas. The agitators were hurling petrol bombs at various location while the HK Police responded with teargas, CNN reported.

The mass agitation which has entered its 15th week was triggered by the now-repealed extradition bill, with the protest showing no sign of abating. Earlier this month, HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced her decision to formally withdraw the controversial bill, which had initially caused the violent protests starting in early June and had grown into a full-blown liberation movement. Hong Kong Protests: Two Million Descend Onto the City’s Streets.

The demonstrators are now reiterating their remaining demand for electoral reforms, an independent inquiry into alleged police brutality, and riot characterisation of June 12 protests and the unconditional release of all the protestors.