Islamabad, June 17: Pakistan Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan would never be a key player in national politics again, hinting at his disqualification.

Embattled Khan faces a slew of cases - from terrorism to murder - since his ouster in April last year through a no-confidence vote, was able to hit back at the government, Geo News reported. Imran Khan Arrest 'Completely Unlawful', Says Pakistan Supreme Court; Orders Government To Produce Former PM Before It.

But after the May 9 riots, when he was arrested, and his party workers resorted to extreme violence, the authorities began clamping down on his party, with scores of leaders parting ways with the PTI. "He is a miscreant. He brought indecency into politics," the minister slammed the PTI chief for his tirade against the ruling coalition, Geo News reported.

Sanaullah claimed that if PTI thinks its vote bank has increased post-May 9, it is living in a fantasy. "The people have seen their real faces. He's a 'scourge' upon the nation whose only agenda is to cause destruction in the country."

When the authorities began arresting PTI workers for their alleged involvement in vandalism, the party called it political victimisation, with Khan vowing that come what may, he would win the next elections, Geo News reported. Imran Khan Says ‘Undeclared Martial Law’ in Pakistan; Files Plea in Supreme Court.

Sanaullah said that the PTI chief had induced hatred in the youth. "Now, every sensible person is well-aware about his plans to spread chaos." In reference to PTI President Parvez Elahi, he said it is common practice to shift prisoners from jail to hospital when they are in pain.

PTI has been claiming that Elahi is unwell and is being denied his rights. His wife also claims the same and said that the manner in which Elahi was treated in the jail "is very painful." But Sanaullah refuted the allegations.

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