International Labour Day: President Xi Jinping Extends Greeting to Chinese Workers
Xi Jinping (Image: Getty)

Beijing, May 1: Chinese President Xi Jinping has extended a greeting and good wishes to 'hardworking model workers' in China on International Labour Day.

Xi sent the greetings in a reply letter to a group of model workers, studying at the China University of Labour Relations in Beijing on Monday, Xinhua reported.

"Both socialism and the creation of a new era can only be achieved through hard work. I have high expectations for the model workers to make new achievements and inspire others by demonstrating their passion, motivation and persistence," President Xi wrote in the letter.

He also heaped praises on the model workers of China University of Labour Relations for their notable contributions to the country and to the Communist Party of China (CPC), the main dominating party.

Underscoring that work is "the most honourable, noble, greatest and most beautiful" cause, the Chinese President called on the society to honour the contributions made by the model workers and promote honest work and dedication.

International Labour Day, also known as International Worker's Day or May Day is observed every year globally to promote and encourage the international labour associations.

The day marks the victory of workers' movement for eight hours of work. It also aims to pay tribute to workers sacrifices in achieving economic and social rights all over the world.

The International Labour Day is a three-day holiday in China and people usually celebrate by going on shopping sprees and visiting scenic spots around the country. It is celebrated as a public holiday since 1950.

Speeches are also delivered by officials and award ceremonies are held for model workers, who make noteworthy contributions to China and CPC Party respectively.