Jeff Bezos Net Worth: Facts & Numbers That Will Blow Your Mind About The World's Richest Man
Jeff Bezos's wealth has risen by $US 52 billion this year alone. (Photo: toopanda)

On the eve of the Amazon Prime Day, CEO Jeff Bezos broke the $150 billion dollar mark, thus making him the richest man in the modern history. According to a Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Bezos' worth is $55 billion more Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates, the world’s second-richest person. Reportedly, there has been no single person who has been that rich since 1982, ever since Forbes started tracking rich people's fortunes. In 1999, during the boom, Gates had hit the $100 billion mark.

Here are some other interesting facts about Jeff Bezos' wealth, which can make you green with envy.

  • His worth has risen by $52 billion this year, which is more than the entire fortune of Mukesh Ambani, who becomes the richest Asian. According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Ambani's worth stood at $44.3 billion. Reportedly, Bezos' net worth alone is 50 percent higher than the total market capitalisation of Ambani’s Reliance Industries.
  • Bezos owns 16 percent of the company, and his wealth starts fluctuating when the Amazon's market shares oscillates.
  • Bezos' rise in worth this year is also more than Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. Chairman Jack Ma's total worth which is $44 billion.
  • His net worth is is equivalent to more than 6 percent of India’s GDP
  • Over the years, Bezos has invested in companies such as Uber, Airbnb, Twitter, Juno Therapeutics, Workday, General Fusion, Rethink Robotics and Business Insider, and others. Jeff bought out the Washington Post for $250 million in 2013.
  • This also puts Bezos's personal fortune within spitting distance of the Walton family's $US151.5 billion, which is the world's richest dynasty.
  • Bezos would rank 56 if ranked in terms of a country.

Behind Bezos on the index is Gates, with a $95.5 billion fortune followed by Warren Buffett with $83 billion. It is commendable that Bezos, who founded Amazon almost two-decades ago as an online bookseller,  is heading one of the world's most valuable companies today.