New Orleans: Mass Shooting in South Claiborne Avenue, At Least 3 Dead, 7 Injured
The shootout was reported at 8:59pm, reported the New Orleans police department | (Photo Credits: Twitter/@WWL-TV)

New Orleans, July 28: At least 10 people were were shot dead by unidentified gunmen in 3400 block of South Claiborne Avenue in New Orleans. The mass shooting was reported at 8:59 pm (local time), reported the Emergency Trauma Centre. Three victims of the shootout were reported dead on the spot. The condition of those left with injuries is yet to be reported. They are currently being treated at the University Medical Centre.

The New Orleans Police Department has launched an investigation into the case. A search operation has been initiated to identify and nab the gunmen.

According to reports, police have zeroed in at one of the suspects who was found hiding in the 2800 block of Louisiana Avenue. The claim, however, is yet to be verified by the authorities.

Terror angle has not been indicated by the investigators so far. The shootout comes in the backdrop of similar incidents reported at 13 different locations of United States over the past one year. Activists across the nation have demanded repeal of the second amendment which guarantees the right to get armed. President Donald Trump has been petitioned to change the liberal gun laws and introduce a strict license regime in order to crackdown on the shooting incidents.