White House Placed on Brief Lockdown, Capitol Hill Evacuated After Airspace Violation Reported in Washington DC
The White House. (Photo: File)

Washington DC, November 26: The White House was put on temporary lockdown after an airspace violation in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, the US media reported. Following this development, fighter jets were hurried and sent into the air after uncontactable aircraft sparked panic. The staff working in the White House and US Capitol Hill were told to 'shelter in place', although the emergency was lifted at EST 9:17 am. Dismiss, Discredit, Divert: White House Fights Impeachment.

According to reports, President Donald Trump is believed to be in Washington DC. He was supposed to have the In-House Poll Call Time at EST 9:00 am. The President was also scheduled to have lunch with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at EST 12:45 p.m.

ANI Tweet:

"Much of the Capitol complex and surrounding streets are closed this morning due to an “air con” emergency. I’m told by @CapitolPolice that communication has been lost with an aircraft and that’s forced evacuations of some areas of Capitol as a precaution," tweeted NPR's Claudia Grisales.

Claudia Grisales Tweet:

White House's North Lawn was cleared temporarily and the traffic in the area was also restricted. The brief lockdown was due to a "potential violation of the restricted airspace in the National Capital Region," said Secret Services.