Chandigarh, Jul 5 (PTI) The law and order situation in Haryana has completely collapsed under the BJP-JJP government and the state has become a stronghold of criminals, Congress leader Bhupinder Singh Hooda claimed on Tuesday.

Hooda said three MLAs of the Haryana have received threats in the last week which is indicative that criminals do not have any fear of police.

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"The law and order situation has completely collapsed under the BJP-JJP government and the state has become a stronghold of criminals," the former chief minister alleged.

Holding the coalition government in the state responsible for the "rising crime", Hooda said "no one is safe in the state, neither the common man nor an MLA".

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“Within a week, three MLAs of the state have received threats," Hooda, who is the Leader of the Opposition in the state assembly, said in a statement.

Hooda demanded adequate security for all the MLAs and action against the culprits behind issuing the threats.

The morale of criminals has reached the sky-high. The public is scared and the criminals are roaming freely, he said.

“It has been seen many times that after committing crimes in other states, criminals come and hide in Haryana because they feel safe in the state,” he said.

The Congress leader said that the National Crime Records Bureau data for the last few years exposes the working style of the government.

“Statistics show that there are three to four murders, about half a dozen rapes, a dozen kidnappings and more than 100 thefts, robberies, and dacoities in the state every day," he said.

When it comes to drug addiction, Haryana has surged ahead of many bigger states in the country, he claimed.

He further claimed that a similar situation existed in the state before the Congress came to power in 2005.

After forming the government in Haryana, the Congress decided to give top priority to improving the law and order situation in the state.

“Police took decisive action against all of them (criminals), the miscreants either left Haryana or were put behind bars and this created a safe environment in the state which led to massive investments, leading to job creation and the youth got jobs,” he said.

“But today the rule of law has come to an end. No one is ready to invest in the state due to lack of safe environment. Industries are constantly migrating from here," he said.

For this reason, today Haryana is on top when it comes to unemployment with a 30.6 per cent rate, he said.

"The desperate youngsters are continuously getting trapped in (the circle of) crime and drugs. The BJP-JJP government of the state is responsible for this situation,” he alleged.

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