New Delhi, January 20: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the second time this month against the proposed amendment in the IAS cadre rules, calling them "draconian, non-federal" and urged him to withdraw the proposed amendments.

Referring to her earlier letter written on January 13, Banerjee said "I have to write again, further reiterating my point, because Central Government has further accentuated its stand, proposing yet another revised draft, taking matter to further non-federal extremes." "I find the revised amendment proposal more draconian than the former," she added.

"The moot point of the further revised draft amendment proposal is that an officer, whom the Central government may choose to take out of a State to any part of the country without taking his/her consent and without the agreement of the State going to destroy the morale and freedom of the All-India service officers," Banerjee stated in her letter. PM Narendra Modi, Mauritian Counterpart Pravind Jugnauth to Jointly Inaugurate India-Assisted Social Housing Units Project.

Urging PM Modi to reconsider the move by the Central Government, Mamata Banerjee said, "I request you not to push to the point of greater movements on the issue to protect the soul of this great democracy that India is and has been... Its adverse consequences would be endemic, permanent and irreversible."

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