Indore, April 19: Indore Police on Sunday arrested a nurse of a private hospital and her two associates over black marketing of COVID-19 drug Remdesivir. Two injections were recovered from them, out of which one was found to be fake.

The arrested persons have been identified as Kavita Chauhan (nurse in Indore's Barod hospital), Shubham Parmar, and Bhupendra Parmar. Remdesivir Black Marketing in Madhya Pradesh: Three Arrested in Indore For Selling Anti-Viral COVID-19 Drug in Black Market.

"The police laid a trap by sending a person as a customer and caught Kavita red-handed while dealing an injection for Rs 35 thousand," said Amrita Singh Chauhan, Station In-Charge, Rajendra Nagar.

"We called her two associates for a second injection and caught them also, another injection was also recovered from them," she added.

Many instances, across several states, of Remdesivir black marketing have been cropping up amid its shortage as India struggles amid the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic.

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