Tokyo [Japan], July 24 (ANI): The Indian Rower duo of Arjun Lal Jat and Arvind Singh failed to qualify for the semi-final A/B in lightweight Men's Double Sculls here at Sea Forest Waterway on Saturday.

The duo along with three other teams qualified for repechage after finishing with a timing of 6:40.33. Arjun was the bower while Arvind had the responsibility of stroking. Till 1500 meter duo was on the last in the heat but the final charge helped them overcome the Uruguayan challenge to finish 5th.

Ireland topped the heat by 6:23.74 while the Czech Republic came second with a timing of 6:28.10. Both teams qualified for the next round.

Earlier, Milena Venega Cancio (CUB) and Hung Winne Yan Wing (HKG) were the final two women to qualify for the quarterfinals in the women's single sculls, while Quentin Antognelli (MON) and Mohammed Al Khafaji (IRQ) progressed in the men's first repechage of the morning. (ANI)

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