Telegram's New Tool Permits Nuking Messages Once and for All

Berlin [Germany], Mar 25 (ANI): Telegram has added a new feature which will let you take care of messages you don't want to keep, whether it is your own or sent by someone else.The new 'nuclear option' is a delete feature that allows a user to selectively delete their own messages or messages sent by someone in a chat. As TechCrunch explains, it does not require one to have composed the original message or begun a chat thread to delete messages.Essentially, it is like the one final weapon you can use to wipe out communication both from your own inbox and the inboxes of others.The feature is a far cry from the current reputation-saving 'unsend' or 'delete' feature which lets you recall or remove unpleasant texting before someone notices because there is no record of the deleted message.The 'nuclear option' is available on the updated version 5.5 of Telegram that is billed as offering more privacy to its users. (ANI)

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