Tried to Anticipate Measures and Developed Schedule for Each Player: Antonio Gomez

Barcelona [Spain], Mar 27 (ANI): Barcelona's strength and conditioning coach, Antonio Gomez, said they tried to anticipate the impact and measures to be taken amid coronavirus pandemic and developed a schedule for each player."Even though that as a community we were not aware of the impact and the measures that were to be adopted, we tried to anticipate them and developed a schedule for each player that tries to simulate the workload of a regular week," the club's official website quoted Gomez as saying.The coronavirus has forced football leagues and tournaments to be postponed. All the players are staying at home and the club said Technical staff, trainers and nutritionists are facing a 'major challenge' as they are working to induce a training load similar to a normal period.The objective is that when the competition is resumed, the athletes can face it in optimal conditions.Gomez further stated that the load dynamic is very similar to our regular microcycle."The load dynamic is very similar to our regular microcycle. We simulated our two-game weeks and the day off, by outlining two workload peaks, one in the middle and the other at the end of the week," said Gomez. (ANI)

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