Kunar [Afghanistan], March 5 (ANI): Taliban has arrested two local singers from a wedding ceremony in Kunar province and humiliated them by hanging their musical instruments around their necks and punishing them.

Taking to Twitter, Payk Media, an Afghanistan-based media outlet said, "Taliban arrested two local singers from a wedding ceremony in Kunar province and hung their musical instruments around their necks and punished them."

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In the mid of January, in a similar incident, the Taliban burned a musical instrument in front of a musician in Afghanistan's Paktia province. A video was posted by an Afghan journalist showing this cruelty in which the musician was seen crying after his instrument was set on fire.

A viral video posted by Abdulhaq Omeri, a senior journalist of Afghanistan also shows that a man with a gun was laughing at him, while another was making a video of his "miserable condition."

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"Taliban burn musician's musical instrument as local musician weeps. This incident happened in #ZazaiArub District #Paktia Province #Afghanistan," Omeri said in a tweet.

Apart from it, the group had banned live music at weddings and ordered men and women to celebrate in different halls, an owner of a hotel in Afghanistan in October told Sputnik.

The Taliban's Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice had also issued "religious guidelines" calling on Afghanistan's TV channels to stop showing women in dramas and soap operas.

Although the group had said that these new guidelines might not be implemented but history has shown that the group is committed to implementing their version of hardline Sharia law into the country, Dawn news reported.

As the Taliban took control of Afghanistan once again after 20 years, experts also believe that Afghan women are most likely to face an uncertain future under the terrorist group regime. (ANI)

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