The longer you drive your car,  the more likely it is that you’ll run into some hiccups. That’s why it’s good to regularly check up on your vehicle and make sure that there are no underlying issues.

Auto repair experts recommend you check on these things to make sure your vehicle is in good shape:

1. Tire pressure -  A flat tire is a risk for your safety, and it can be quite dangerous. Maintaining your car’s tire pressure is essential for reducing wear and tear, but it also helps ensure you get good mileage. Find the recommended pressure for your tires and deflate or inflate your tires accordingly.

2. Check for rust - Over time, rust can build up and weaken the rotors. With open spoke wheel design, run your finger down the brake to check if there are any grooves, and if your vehicle has a hub cap, then you’ll need to remove the wheel to see if there is any rust. If you identify rust, it’s time to replace the rotors on the brakes.

3. Fluids - Any fluid shortage can cause more complications for your car, and there are a few fluids that you should keep at appropriate levels to keep your car running smoothly. Be sure to check:

  • Engine oil
  • Transmission fluid
  • Coolant
  • Brake fluid
  • Power steering fluid

4. Brakes - Brake pads are also an essential part of your vehicle that need to be regularly maintained and inspected. Make sure you listen for any brake noise and feel for softness. If you discover any issues, bring your car to an auto mechanic as soon as possible. Faulty brakes are a serious hazard.

5. A road test will help you find any noises and shakes which may be an indicator of a bigger underlying issue. While driving, listen for any unusual signs coming from the engine or your car in general. Feel the brake pads for softness and keep an eye on any warning lights. If you discover any of the warning signs below, make sure to get your vehicle to the nearest auto repair shop.

  • Brake pedal grinding
  • Check engine sign is turned on
  • Any red lights or warning signs on the dashboard

Keeping your car in good shape will keep you and your passengers safe. And remember, if you're ever unsure about how to inspect or replace a car part, be sure to contact a local mechanic for help.