In today’s digital era, it has become easier to have access to all sorts of information at our fingertips. These details are available in the form of blogs, articles, images and a lot more that keeps surfacing on the internet.

Blogging has become an easy way to get yourself informed and travel blogging is one of the most anticipated things one can witness on the internet. For the love of seeing the world and sharing your stories with other people and keeping an online record of the places you’ve been and all the incredible things, you’ve been lucky enough to see.

Abdul Hafiz Ali Sutacio, one of the renowned travel bloggers from the Phillippines who found his passion in travel blogging and public speaking.

Born in Zamboanga City in the Philippines, Abdul Hafiz Ali Sutacio became a travel blogger by accident as an ex-pat in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

While a lot of people are aspiring to become travel bloggers owing to their love for travelling across the globe, it is not as easy as it looks. We got in touch with Abdul Hafiz who shares his tips on starting a kickass blog which is surely going to be a guide for all the budding blogger.

1. Pick up a catchy blog Name

It’s all in a name. In today’s world, more or less everyone has the attention span of a toddler. You have about 2 seconds to make it count. Pick a good memorable name the defines what your blog is all about.

2. Write what you love and be informative

You need passion to keep your blog interesting, inspiring and entertaining but you need the knowledge to keep your readers coming back. Provide your readers with the information they can’t find elsewhere and become an expert in your chosen subject.

3. Be unique

This is easier said than done but in order to stand out from the crowd you need to step away from the crowd and be different and the easiest way to be different is to simply be yourself.

4. Photography skills

They say a picture speaks a thousand words so let your photos do the talking for a change. Photographs are a great way to capture people’s attention.

You don’t need to have a fancy DSLR camera to take great pictures, you just need to have an eye detail.

5. Use of social media

The more you put into social media the more you’ll get out of it.

It’s much better to have one strong social media channel and update it regularly and chat to your audience consistently.

6. Collaborate

A collaborative blog can still be very personal but you have the advantage of multiple voices and more time, more resources and more ideas to create something bigger and better than you could ever do alone.