EduYear is an EdTech startup aimed at bringing the much-needed change and revolution in the educational industry, the only industry which has not seen a change since the past many decades. EduYear solves the 3 main challenges including affordability, personalized experience, and practical approach. The founders of EduYear believe that not every brain function and learns the same way and each must be taught in the style which suits it the best.

"Learning must not be a tool just to score marks but the tool to solve all the problems mankind is facing."

They provide live classes at the most affordable price without compromising the quality of the course. They have been able to bring the prices to the ground with the same content delivery. Their focus is to include more and more practical approach and makes teaching s fun as possible. The students who take the live classes learn in a fun way and with the help of real-life examples and practical based teaching they can learn more in a short amount of time. Students who have taken the classes are now working with EduYear, implementing their skills by making projects and sharing their knowledge.

Another line of product includes their homegrown freemium app "EduYear Prime", which comes with a subscription fee that includes unlimited access to all the premium content which consists of tutorials and project explanations on a variety of languages. More and more quality content is pushed to the app daily to give as much knowledge as possible to the users. EduYear Prime will not be restricted to just video explanations but will include more cool stuff in the coming future which will provide a whole environment for the learner to learn a skill and implement it too.

Many more ideas are in the planning stage and according to them once deployed to the market will bring a huge change in the education world and will solve a lot of problems. The way people look at learning will be changed and will bring out the creativity hidden in those beautiful brains.

India might be producing a massive amount of graduates every year but the ratio of quality over quantity is still very low. EduYear aims to bring the ratio to 1 and thus is working to modernize the education and teaching methodologies to teach the learners of this generation with the technology they are seeing while growing up.

About Founders:

Yuvraj Singh, Co-Founder Eduyear. A struggling entrepreneur, fed up with the antiquated education system, and wants to bring a change in the system.

Ashish Sukralia, Co-Founder Eduyear. A passionate entrepreneur, an expert in Web development, SEO, and marketing skills.