It is no secret that the global economy has been decimated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected millions of small and medium businesses, increased inequality and adversely impacted every major market around the world – forcing people to find new ways to reach their customers.

However, this unprecedented socioeconomic challenge has also propelled entrepreneurship to an all time high; With strategic thinkers from all walks of life coming together to solve some of the most complex issues that communities face today. Case in point, Miguel Montañez, a tenacious problem solver who was born in the pristine state of Yucatan in Mexico and spent part of his childhood formative years in California.

Montañez became determined to innovate and has made a point of integrating socially conscious principles unto each project that he creates and launches. A design thinker by nature, Miguel was quick to realize that the changing world order would present the opportunity to envision and painstakingly develop a slate of modern and inclusive digital platforms for users and service providers to connect in a seamless way.

After successfully raising capital from international and national investors alike, Miguel set out to secure high profile strategic alliances that would enable him to successfully compete against Silicon Valley giants. Prior to launching the pilot program for Miidz – the first super app developed in Mexico – he enlisted the assistance of The Eclectic Agency (named the world´s leading boutique strategy and communications firm by Forbes®) and was quick to identify the potential synergy that this new digital ecosystem could provide to people from every background.

“Every service you can imagine, from a plumber to a physician and everything in between will be a couple of clicks away. That is what Miidz is all about.” –Montañez affirms.

The super app is set to be released during Q2 of 2021 as strategic investors and operational partners continue to join Miguel´s roster. In his hometown of Merida, Yucatan, Montañez has received the support of the mayor and other prominent government officials who see Miidz as a tool to accelerate economic recovery.

But Montañez has also been working on a separate project – Triadikas -  a full scale digital marketplace where architects can connect directly with real estate developers. After materializing a partnership with one of Spain´s most successful architectural firms and leveraging the existing development and marketing capabilities Miguel has built around Miidz, he is currently focused on the finishing touches of Triadikas – which is set to become a major force in modern global architecture – by unlocking access to the world´s brightest architectural minds and offering premium grade turnkey solutions for large and small developers alike.

We recently interviewed Miguel and he shared a few key insights with us:

What is your vision for a collaborative economy and how can technology be used to achieve positive social development?

The sum of connectivity and individuality as value generators; I believe every entrepreneur should develop wholesome and inclusive projects, certainly we need to consider economic profitability but also the environmental and social impact which are essential to a sustainable collaborative economy.

Which characteristics do you consider paramount for those who seek to become successful entrepreneurs?

I would say passion and teamwork. You have to be very determined to collaborate with experts in other areas that make the project stronger, that way any challenge can be managed and turned into an opportunity.

Can you explain what makes your super app ´Miidz´different from other service applications on the market?

We have developed a truly integrated fair trade digital ecosystem that allows small, medium and large service providers the opportunity to instantly connect with users that are located around them. The Miidz app is highly intuitive and it serves virtually every market vertical, democratizing access to world class e-commerce infrastructure while providing increased convenience for users across the board.