The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the way we live, and has raised many questions about the future of life as we know it. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, most industries have been negatively impacted, but many gym owners like Justin, have seen their businesses hit hard due to state mandated shut downs. Justin opened up his New York based personal training facility, JayFit Studio, in 2018 but was forced to temporarily close along with all other NY based gyms on March 16th, 2020.

While some states have since allowed gyms to re-open with special guidelines, gyms in other states like New York, are still mandated to remain closed and have yet to be given a reopening date.

It’s a proven fact that functional fitness and proper nutrition, are essential to our health, and many have made going to the gym, a part of their routine. With the stressful world we live in, adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a major key to keeping yourself healthy.

As the last few months have been a testing time for Justin and most other gym owners, many of them have found ways to remain in touch with their clients via online video chat training sessions and socially distanced outdoor workouts, to continue to help them throughout the Pandemic.

In response to Covid-19, Justin has taken his close to 10 years of personal training experience and recently launched Vinsity, a user friendly mobile app to allow fitness enthusiasts of all levels to stream on demand workouts, meal prep videos and educational content from iOS and Android devices.

“I created Vinsity with a mission of helping others to improve their quality of life through fitness, nutrition and education. I wanted to make sure it was on their terms and on their own time. It was about making fitness as convenient as possible” states Justin.

To learn more about the app, visit and you can also follow the app page on Instagram @Vinsity_app

You can also reach Justin T. Jefferson directly on his personal Instagram account @Mr_JayFit