Faisal Malik is an American business professional based out of New York City and is the founder of Status Auto Group. The company specializes in locating ultra exotic vehicles that traditional orthodox car dealerships do not have access to. This exclusive access that Malik and his organization at Status Auto Group possesses has made them a well known service provider that is a go to for ultra exotic high end vehicle inquiries.

The company also offers services for all types of make and model vehicles, not just exotic vehicles. When speaking to Faisal he made it clear that “As an organization we do cater to high end luxury clients, but a majority of our customers come to us for all makes and models. Our customers love feeling the same level of appreciation and novelty that you would receive from a luxury buying experience.”

Current Market Conditions

Regarding current market shortages in manufacturing, Faisal stated that current prices are inflated due to the unavailability of vehicle parts and the current market sentiment surrounding this niche market. The entrepreneur hinted that a crisis like this can linger for more than the next annual business year. Faisal has been able to maintain success through this shortage by keeping an open mind and continuing to think long term.

He says that many competitors do not keep a long term mindset, which can be detrimental if manufacturers aren’t operating at full speed. This mindset along with Faisal’s connections and reputation has allowed Status Auto Group to continue to provide its exclusive services throughout the shortage. With no telling when manufacturers will be able to meet the demand of the market, Faisal and Status Auto Group remain a top name in the industry.

Starting The Business

Faisal started Status Auto Group with the vision of supplying the average consumer with outstanding and affordable service. He saw how dealerships were taking advantage of their customers and capitalized on it. Initially Faisal didn’t work with high end luxury vehicles until about three years ago when he saw an opportunity to break into the ultra high end luxury market, due to the lack of savvy competitors. Rebranding a used car lot as a luxury auto boutique posed a challenge, but with perseverance and a growing reputation Faisal was successful in becoming a top service provider in his niche. Although Status Auto Group is well established as a trusted company, Faisal continues to take action in expanding his business and reputation nationally for the future of his company.

Finding Niche Cars

When attempting to locate ultra exotic and high end vehicles, Faisal states that having connections and contacts with different dealerships and individuals is imperative. Thanks to these connections, he has been able to search nationally and locate exclusive inventory. Without these contacts a transaction that would be a matter of minutes for Faisal could take days or even weeks. Not only can it be tiring for a normal service provider to make these deals, they oftentimes will have trouble even finding the vehicles Faisal can locate with ease. Building a reputation and contacts like Faisal takes years of successful work in the industry. These contacts and knowledge make Faisal and Status Auto Group invaluable to anyone seeking out niche or exotic vehicles.