We all have heard that "Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations." But, when you visualize this statement, in reality,  your strength and motivation get immense power to charge you up again for your upcoming journey. You are the artist of your life, don't give paintbrush to anyone else.

Life lessons are the beauty of life. When you will start counting the experiences and lessons that life has given to you, it is priceless and immeasurable. Sometimes people in front of you are smiling but this smile says a lot. You don't know what they have gone through. So remember, smiling faces have a voice that only a few people can listen to. Chiterved Yadav is one such man who has faced all the struggles and hardships in his life but didn't give up. His life inspires others especially today's young generation that no matter how much life gives you tough battles and choices, do not bow down. Just muster up all your courage and answer back with the strongest attitude.

Chiterved Yadav was born in a middle-class family and completed all his education with a motive of becoming a man who is known only by his deeds, not by his fate. He fought a war with his life to become the man he is today known for. Initially, he distributed leaflets on the street and earned for sometime to support his family.

While moving ahead on his journey, he came to know about RASHTRIYA SWAYAMSEWAK SANGH and soon became an integral part of the Sangh. He did many things to serve those people who are looking for help and support. He became a social worker so that he can reach out to huge number of people and can try to eliminate their sufferings.

Chiterved Yadav made strong decisions in his life. He didn't even care about his family to serve mankind and his nation. Today his struggles, challenges and difficulties gave birth to hopes and dreams to those eyes who were afraid of thinking any positive changes for their life.

Currently, he is the Fund Head of his Mandal who is responsible for generating funds for Ram Mandir. He is the man behind productive campaigns that were driven to bring about necessary changes for making our modern India that has opportunities and resources for our people.

If you look at the lives of people who are around you, you will realise life is not a bed of roses, there are thorns with them too. You will not only smile, but also bleed and you have to rise again for yourself.