Chaz Roberts is an esteemed Louisiana personal injury lawyer. He is the founder of Chaz Roberts Law and has a passion for helping individuals who have been affected by the negligent actions of others. A devoted husband and father of two, Roberts is an active member of his Lafayette community.

How did you get into law?

CR: From a young age, the teachers and adults in my life would tease me about becoming a lawyer one day. Though I had never met a lawyer or witnessed any sort of legal proceeding outside of television, I started to dream about it. My mother was a single mom, and things were not always easy growing up. I came from a community of humble, hardworking folks and I vowed that if I ever became a lawyer, those were the type of people I would help.

I attended Louisiana State University for business, but the goal was always to get into law school. My junior year I was able to borrow money from my grandparents to obtain LSAT study materials, and I was fortunate enough to get into LSU Law, where I eventually graduated then passed the Bar exam.

What type of law did you practice?

CR: I started out working at a defense firm, but I quickly realized that that was not the industry for me. I had become a lawyer to help the people, not defend big businesses and insurance companies. I was unfulfilled and unsatisfied. I started picking up extra work on the side until I decided to set out on my own and found Chaz Roberts Law - where I represent real people.

What was it like striking out on your own?

CR: The first few years were difficult. I was operating out of a broom closet, taking whatever cases I could. I took cases that no one else wanted. Those early days were tough but incredibly formative in making me the lawyer I am today. I practiced everything from family law to criminal defense, even a part time public defender for five years, until I found my niche in personal injury law. Though I occasionally take criminal defense cases, the majority of my work is focused on helping others who have been hurt or injured due to someone else’s fault.

What differentiates you from others in your industry?

CR: I am an “anti-lawyer lawyer.” I don’t bring the traditional stuffy lawyer style to my client interactions. I’m young, active and up to date on all the latest technology. When I was in law school, I thought my humble beginnings were a curse, but later I realized that this was actually a huge advantage to me. I was once the underdog too, and this allows me to bring a sense of empathy and relatability to my clients that they can’t find anywhere else.

I also am a huge advocate for technology in the legal industry. I’ve been using technology in my practice for years, so when COVID hit, my team already had the infrastructure in place to adapt quickly. This came as a huge benefit to us, as we were still able to serve clients just as well as we had before the restrictions.

How do you balance being a busy lawyer, husband, father, and community member?

CR: It all comes down to my priorities. From the start, I have prioritized my family, my health, and my clients. I put my family first, always striving to be present and engaged with my wife and children. A lot of people envision lawyers as partaking in too many happy hours and lavish lunch meetings - but that is not me. I work out 5-7 days a week, and I am training for a marathon. Finally, I am a product of the community I was raised in, so I am dedicated to giving back to my community. I coach local sports teams, donate time and money to local programs, and I serve on the Louisiana Public Defender Board, which oversees public defense in Louisiana. I support the community both physically and financially wherever possible. My commitment to my health, family, and the community resonates with my clients, they know when they sit across from me that they are getting a real person, with real values.

I approach each day as a new opportunity to better serve my clients, to love my family, and to support my community.