Today’s world is experiencing intense competition in almost every niche. The competition consists of an intense environment as companies are engaged in a constant battle to outdo each other. We sat down with one of the fasting and growing brand consultants in 2020, and here is what he had to say.

What's the Best Way to Outdo Your Competitor? 

Well, branding is the best way to outdo your competitors. With effective branding, you can build your profile as a different organization, held by different values, purpose, and priority. But brand building is something that you have to execute effectively if you want to achieve a high ROI.

Some companies understand the urgency of creating a powerful brand. But the issue is that there are so many branding consultants in every niche. The real question is “Who is the best branding consultant in the market?”

If you ever came across this question too, the answer is Kevin Suter; he is your best bet.

Who Is Kevin Suter?

Kevin Suter is the Founder and CEO of the fastest-growing brand consulting agency in the country. He started his company, The Suter Group, after years of living from paycheck to paycheck. After working at Merrill Lynch with The Strength Team (A World Renowned ministry) and starting multiple small businesses, he decided to pursue his dream and set up his own consulting group. Working as a financial advisor helped him uncover his entrepreneurship skills as he helped develop countless growth opportunities for nonprofits nationwide.

Kevin’s entrepreneurship journey enriched him with life-lessons and experience that he shares in his keynote speeches across the world. This versatile entrepreneur has traveled to 48 states and 5 countries as a keynote speaker and philanthropist. He has shared in over 2,000 public schools nationwide on character, education, and suicide awareness.

Kevin built his company from the ground up. His very first client achieved 10X results in just 90 days. Over the years, he has built a reputation for not only growing businesses 5X - 10X, but for reinvigorating, restructuring, and redefining his client’s definition of business and success.

Please Elaborate More About Suter Group and the Attribute That Makes Kevin Suter Stand Out?

The Suter Group is a business solution company that offers services that include but are not limited to business consulting, brand consulting, advertising, automated services, and non-profit consulting. Since its inception, the company has helped multiple organizations develop management tools that they need to expand and build their brand. The organization has made successful million dollar strategies for a vast variety of businesses.

Through the organization, Kevin helps companies by diagnosing their operations and offering solutions that help them stand out from their competitors. One of the advantages of seeking an external brand consultant is that you get a fresh set of eyes to look into the issues affecting your company. Kevin listens to the company’s concerns, ideas, and opinions. After that, he creates a tailored strategy that helps the company expand in the market.

Kevin has the ability to grow small businesses through his relentless approach to communication and personal interaction mixed with creative social media solutions. In less than a year in operation, he has taken businesses past 10X financial growth in a matter of 90 days. He has also grown his client’s social media engagement to over 5,000%. He has launched multiple custom platforms for Real Estate Professionals, Churches, Ministries, and small businesses of all types.

What’s Next For The Suter Group?

We were curious about what Kevin and his team were working on currently and he shared with us the release of a Real Estate Agent powerhouse system they just finished developing. He said “Imagine saving 8-10 hours of time per listing” obviously this intrigued us to dig deeper he followed with “our system is so seamless an streamlined that you can be on your new listing appointment, take your pictures, open our system and in a matter of 9 minutes create a custom listing website and the flyers to go with it. We have taken the time to figure out where agents spend the most time and we simply cut the fat.”

The platform is accessible anywhere at any time. When we asked what the program entails we were not surprised to hear all the features that were built in.

  1. Website creation (many single and dual agent templates)
  2. Flyer creation (many single and dual agent templates)
  3. Lead capturing system
  4. Open House lead generation
  5. Robust Virtual TC (Transaction Coordinator)
  6. Client Pre-Qualifying system
  7. Viewing scheduler
  8. And more!

How Much Does It Cost?

Obviously the question had to be asked. How much? This has to be a $150-$200 a month system right? Wrong, Kevin and his team have set this system up to be affordable for every agent no matter what stage of their career they are in.

It's $25/month, Kevin's goal is to help as many agents as possible.

When we asked what the program is called his response was no surprise

“REIGN, Because it feels good to be on top!” You can take a look at this cutting edge platform right here.

Why Should You Consider Working With Kevin?

Kevin can provide a significant amount of value to your organization. He can help you develop strategies for growth as well as creative solutions for connecting with your audience. Moreover, working with an external consultant is affordable as you only pay for the services that you need. Working with Kevin makes your nights easier as your company will be in the hands of an expert in business development.

Kevin’s goal has always been to empower individuals and businesses to create their own way. Not to rely on someone else but to have the tools you need to take your industry by storm. You can learn more about Kevin and his company on his website. Feel free to reach out and see how Kevin and his team might be able to help you reach the growth you deserve.