There is no doubt that Internet is a life changer in the Digital Era. There is no need of the physical presence to set up your digital presence, in a time like now it is as easy as that. To survive among the billion Internet users you definitely need to do a smart work rather than hard work. So here's Mr. Florian Sondershausen, founder and managing director of Sondershausen Media GmbH, who set up his own Digital presence and emerged successful with his brilliant tactics. Mr. Sondershausen and his partner Mr. Christian Haag is now helping other people to establish themselves with the help of digitalization.

Before every successful story follows a deep story of ups and downs. Mr. Florian started his career as a gamer as he was more into gaming at that point of time. Through gaming he acquired much of fame and finance. After gaming Mr.Florian turned into cooking. He earned himself a quiet number of stars and appreciation which was a sign of success of his restaurant venture but soon after he realised that he had achieved what he dreamt of he quit the restaurant and wanted to try something new. It was then he decided that he want to turn-in to digital finance marketing. With his strong determination and passion he got trained about digital finance in a very short span of time. Within this time itself he showed up to be a pro in this field and he was widely appreciated and recognised for his exceptional brilliance. He is now well settled more than any time in his life and he is doing good in his career too. Later he specialized in Digital Finance Marketing.

Now let's look upon the outlook of his company and work, Mr. Florian shares, " More security and more freedom are the most common motivations of more than 100 partners for entering digitalization. We accompany our partners primarily in building and scaling investment processes towards the psychology and even discipline, as well as planning and implementing community & and non- profit. In plain language it doesn't matter where you come from or who you are, as long as loyalty & honesty are in the right place, a collaboration can happen".