With Bitcoin gaining massive adoption across the world, South Africans are not left out in the exciting opportunities that investment in Bitcoin comes with. Bitcoin has recently experienced a surge in price, shooting up to $49,000 a unit as of the time of writing this post. 

In 2020, the South African Central Bank took a bold step to devalue the South African Rand (ZAR) against the United States Dollar (USD). Since the devaluation, the rich and mighty in the society are now turning to cryptocurrencies for a hedge against the devaluation. Luckily for them, Bitcoin has served the purpose. 

While there are so many platforms, both decentralized and centralized, where Bitcoin enthusiasts can buy Bitcoin either to sell for profits, hold, or transfer to another wallet, the Clubswan platform is a game-changer in the Bitcoin business in SA. Currently, Clubswan has seen more than 130% jump in transactions, with the majority of these transactions (98%) emanating from Bitcoin. The remaining 2% has been attributed to transactions in Altcoins like Ethereum. 

At its core, Clubswan is an alternative finance platform for fiat and cryptocurrencies, providing concierge savings for its members when shopping or travelling. The financial services for Clubswan are provided by Nvayo. 

The reason to back Clubswan?

There are so many good reasons you should consider joining the bandwagon of those using Clubswan to buy and spend Bitcoin without any hassles. Find below why South Africans, and indeed, the rest of the prefer Clubswan over other platforms:


  • Instant crypto liquidation: With Clubswan, you can instantly convert your digital assets into fiat currencies or even spend the digital assets through the Clubswan debit card. You can convert up to 9 crypto assets, including Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), BAT, USD Coin (USDC), EOS, Paxos (PAX), and Tether (USDT). Clubswan also permits quick and easy wallet to wallet Bitcoin transfers. Transfers between Clubswan members are completely free of charge. 


    • 100% transparent: The Clubswan platform is 100% transparent. There are no hidden charges, what you see on the screen is what you get. In fact, their rates are among the lowest in the industry. 
    • Enjoy up to 40% off travels: Compared to popular platforms like Booking.com, Expedia, and Hotels.com, you can enjoy up to 40% off all your travels when you pay with the Clubswan debit card.


  • Referral commission: If you are able to refer your friends or family members to join the Clubswan train, you would be rewarded with real money paid directly into your local bank account. 

  • Spend 150+ currencies: With the Clubswan debit card, you can spend up to 150 currencies wherever a debit card is accepted anywhere in the world. 


  • 24/7 Customer support: Clubswan parades a team of customers support personnels that works round the clock, assisting any customer who needs a legwork to get started with the platform.

 About Clubswan

Clubswan is a licensed Crypto-based membership platform where crypto enthusiasts can buy, sell, and transfer bitcoin to a debit card to spend anywhere in the world. Users can also send bitcoin to other wallets via the Clubswan platform.

The team behind Clubswan is knowledgeable about the Bitcoin market and how to create seamless transactions for users. Buying Bitcoin in South Africa doesn't have to be a complicated process and that is why Clubswan is leaving no stone unturned, ensuring that Bitcoin enthusiasts have best-in-class service. As a user of Clubswan, you can jump onto the platform, place your order and load your Bitcoin onto a debit card. 

Clubswan will provide you with the debit card to instantly spend your bitcoin as you please anywhere in the world where they accept debit card payments. The company also offers concierge services with their memberships to enable you to save money on flights, hotel bills, or whatever you spend on the card. Plus, there is also ease of transacting between multiple fiat currencies and multiple crypto currencies.

So how is Clubswan different from other platforms where you can buy Bitcoin? It's simple! Clubswan is not a crypto exchange, they are simply a platform where you place orders for Bitcoin and you receive the Bitcoin on a debit card for instant spending where debit card payments are allowed. 

Using Clubswan means you don't have to worry about all the issues bedeviling crypto exchanges. More so, Clubswan doesn't promote illegal activities in South Africa or any territories where it operates. They are licensed and operate with international best practice in mind.

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