In order to excel in today’s business world, the modern company must quickly adapt to the current industry trend and capture a share of the overwhelming public demand. If a company is able to execute this, they have successfully timed the debut of a product to fill the market demand and capitalize on a sector. A handful of companies will succeed, and this will separate the wheat from the chaff in terms of execution for whichever high-growth trend company will succeed, compared to the many that will fail.

Stafford Schlitt is a specialist when it comes to creating brand awareness and advertising a product with longevity, especially when it comes to capturing a certain emerging market, and timing massive consumer demand.

Schlitt was able to launch multiple lucrative ventures with his background in hospitality and marketing. Schlitt did this by using his extensive network of influential individuals as well as his keen eye for growing trends in consumer demand. His first endeavor was extremely successful when he launched a fitness platform, Fade2Fit, a brand he created in collaboration with the star singer-songwriter, Teyana Taylor. Schlitt quickly saw the consumer reaction to Taylor’s perfect physique as she was featured in the hit “Fade” by Kanye West. The video was simple, yet tasteful, where Taylor was dancing in an empty gym while showcasing her stunning body. Everyone who saw this video was questioning how Taylor could reach such amazing heights with her amazing figure, especially after having a child. Schlitt capitalized on this opportunity with Fade2Fit, collaborating with Taylor to create an online fitness platform.

“We saw major celebrities hashtaging #bodygoals and other various fitness related hashtags, we saw a huge demand and created a fitness program”.

As the Fade2Fit platform gained steam with consumers, Schlitt then created workout style apparel from the Fade2Fit brand, as popularity grew exponentially. His talent in branding, strategizing, and marketing using his network of influential people to create a company has been the cornerstone to his continued success.

Schlitt has now set his eyes on arguably the biggest market the world has seen with the Covid pandemic, hand sanitizer. His experience with various industries will no doubt contribute to his success with his new venture, FRSH Hands. Previously, Schlitt created a CBD cream that is successful in the treatment of muscle pain and aches. This was when CBD became popular for treating various diseases and cancers, but was very controversial and had a consumer sentiment that to be ineffective. Schlitt found a way to make it work from a marketing and branding standpoint, but more importantly from a utility perspective, using CBD to create positive results for his consumers. The company is called THR33, for anyone who wants to truly see the potent and positive effects of CBD.

Schlitt has a wide range of experience applying his talent to different markets. He also started a cryptocurrency mining facility that was later bought out by a large publicly traded company, Riot Blockchain. No matter the sector, Schlitt has a talent for finding emerging markets and successfully creating a strategy to create a company that will be successful. FRSH Hands is FDA registered, and it comes in a convenient and user friendly spray, leaving no odor or fragrance. FRSH Hands is manufactured in the USA and they also make their own bottles. It is already a top selling item at a Walmart, which speaks volumes about its quality and demand.

"We are currently working on disinfectant wipes, and hand lotion which has a proprietary microbial formula. Also, a female version that is more of a lotion, and that isn't sticky like most sanitizers. Stainless steel, no contact, sanitizer stands are also in the works."

Schlitt also ran a group study on whether to choose a green or a blue label, the general consensus was that green was easier on the eyes. Schlitt's branding ability was instrumental in creating the green cross, that is on the label of every sanitizer.

"The green cross gave people a sense of comfort and trust in the brand."

Branding is a cornerstone of any business, and Schlitt is a virtuoso. FRSH Hands will undoubtedly take over a key market share of this lucrative industry, be on the lookout.

For more information, please visit, as well as their Instagram page @frshands