Globally renowned vaping brand, Vaporesso, has exhibited consistency in 2020 despite a global slowdown. CEO of Vaporesso, Simon Lai, talked about how their internal culture allowed them to resume production after less than 2 months of lockdown.

Vaporesso was founded in 2015 by Smoore International in Shenzhen, China, and has more than 1,000 employees. With a sales distributor network spanning over 50 countries, it made handling of the COVID-19 crisis even more challenging.

 Safety First

In the wake of COVID-19, Vaporesso’s manufacturing ceased production. With reopening dates for workplaces being continuously pushed back by officials, the company formulated a plan to, as Lai put it “battle to resume work.”

Going into “epidemic prevention control mode”, a “Vaporesso epidemic prevention logistics team” task force was assembled and employees’ health and movements were monitored, meals were eaten apart in shifts, and surfaces were disinfected..

From early February, the facility was thoroughly disinfected. Soon after, some departments received official approval to resume work; this was extended to the whole facility by mid-February. Between late February – mid-March, epidemic-prevention training and recording of health symptoms, movements, accommodation, and hygiene standards was carried out. By early March, work had resumed.

Vaporesso sourced, purchased and distributed masks to their international partners, as well as set up online seminars and shared their operational experience to stores via an epidemic prevention manual.

Digitally Enhanced

Many businesses struggled to emerge out of COVID-19 intact. For Vaporesso, however, a culture of innovation leads to a very successful turnaround.

Predicting enormous growth in online retail, the company invested in their online presence. The global online store was pushed forward to provide 24/7 customer service and issue free personal protective equipment.

Communications and new product unveiling events all moved online with video conferences becoming the main means of communication.

“The virus has been a chance for us to think clearly about the future of our brand and who we are.” Said Simon Lai.

More to Come

Since then, global online store sales numbers have tripled, production has surpassed pre-COVID output levels and more new products have been released.

Lai believes that this turmoil has “improved our ability to deal with black swan events.” He notes “hard work and dedication to quality” have resulted in the team coming out on top, but warns that “we cannot afford to be complacent.”