The pandemic has upended life as we knew it prior to March 2020, forcing millions of people to relocate, buy new homes, sell their current home, and consider an alternative future. In fact, over 15.9 million people have moved during the coronavirus, says the USPS, a testament to how much the real estate markets are shifting. With more people sprawling out of big cities than ever before due to the fear of contracting the virus, the real estate market in the United States has never been more lucrative. 

That’s why real estate investor and market expert, Brandon Middleton, wants everyday Americans to know about the power of investing in real estate.

“Too many times, individuals think they need to be some kind of real estate investing expert if they want to make any money in this market,” said Middleton. “Sure, the world of real estate investing is full of movie stars and gurus; but it’s full of everyday Americans, too. Real estate investing has the potential to create new opportunities for any person and their family – they just need to consider it as a reality for themselves.”

Understanding from firsthand experience how “intimidating” real estate investing can be at first, Middleton has launched USA Portfolio Real Estate, LLC which provides individuals with creative partners who really understand the industry. Whether clients want to build a passive income without much involvement, or they want to take an active role and learn how to do it themselves, the USA Portfolio Real Restate team exists to open the taboo doors to the world of real estate investing.

Faith, Family, and Freedom

How does Middleton make this all possible?

Middleton is a man of great drive and conviction, placing his family at the core of everything he does personally and professionally. Having endured familial hardships and heartbreaks in the past, Middleton clings to his faith in a world of uncertainty, where he believes that stability is still possible through clear goals and visions. Having developed this proprietary mindset on his own, he wants to help as many families as possible manage their assets, unload liabilities, and achieve the financial future that is right for the whole family.

“My struggles have put me on a lifelong pursuit of leveraging opportunities, avoiding risk, and making smart financial choices,” said Middleton. “I just want everyone to know they can do this, too. So many families have been blindsided by the pandemic, forced to shut their family business forever. I want them to know there is still freedom in the world of real estate.”

The team works with each client to help them identify which form of real estate investment is right for them. Each advisor walks through the pros and cons of all arrangements, helping to ensure the investment process is tailored to each client. Ultimately, per Middleton’s request, each strategy is selected in a way that benefits that family in question the most.

As Middleton likes to say, “it’s time to rethink real estate investing.”

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