Gully Boy: This Mashup of Eminem’s 8 Mile With Ranveer Singh’s Trailer Makes Us Amazed About How Similar These Films Are – Watch Video
Gully Boy: This Mashup of Eminem's 8 Mile With Ranveer Singh's Trailer Makes Us Wonder How Similar These Films Are - Watch Video

The trailer of Gully Boy that came out a couple of days received wide appreciation from netizens, celebs and fans alike. There were several reasons to like the trailer of Zoya Akhtar's upcoming film. The theme of basing the film about an underground rapper is an idea never attempted in Bollywood. Alia Bhatt's spunky, de-glam avatar was catchy, but most of the eyes were on one man - Ranveer Singh. The star underplays himself to look like an aspiring rapper from a lower income household. There was so much to love in the Gully Boy trailer. Gully Boy Trailer: From Angry Rap Battles to Family Drama, Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt's Film Looks Arresting - Watch Video.

However, there was another group that claims that the movie is heavily inspired by rapper Eminem's acting debut, 8 Mile. Released in 2002, the movie was loosely based on Eminem's actual life, from his poor upbringing to how he became the king of rap. When the first teaser of Gully Boy came out, instantly the comparisons were made. Still, a little promo was not enough to say these two movies were similar, save for having a rapper as a lead character.

However, many on social media have found a lot of similarities between Gully Boy trailer and 8 Mile, some of the allegations do make sense. Gully Boy Trailer Announcement Out And Twitterati Is Claiming The Ranveer Singh Starrer To Have Eminem's 8 Mile Vibes

Someone even went on to edit the voiceover of the Gully Boy trailer with that of 8 Mile. Not everything meshes well, but when it does, it sure does!

Interestingly, Gully Boy is said to be inspired by the lives of underground rappers Vivian "Divine" Fernandes and Naved "Naezy" Shaikh from Mumbai. We are sure that while there might be similarities between Gully Boy and 8 Mile, Zoya Akhtar would have made her film her own and we will find that out on February 14.