If there is someone who truly fits the definition of what they call a 'bosswoman' it has gotta be Priyanka Chopra! Look how she has come professionally. Born on July 18, 1982, Priyanka Chopra turns 36 today. Over the years, we have seen her grow as an actor and as an individual both. While she is out there experimenting with the kind of roles she is doing onscreen and taking risks, we cannot help but notice how confidently she manages to be in that space.

Take for instance Quantico. Her first ever American TV series which won accolades when season one hit the screens, was called a dud and was shut down because of low TRPs as it reached the third season. But does that stop her from doing what she wants to do? NOPE! On her birthday today, we list down 5 qualities of Priyanka Chopra that will definitely inspire you to become like her.

Take Your Work Seriously


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The first and foremost quality that we absolutely love about her is that she loves to work harder! PeeCee takes her work quite seriously. Of course, she parties hard and makes time for other important things in her life, but she shows cent per cent commitment towards her work.

Be Confident

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We bet her first stint in Hollywood would have given her goosebumps or would've made her utterly nervous. But did you ever get to see that on her face? She has always been so confident with what she does and what she wears that there is no scope of you seeing how underconfident she is. That's commendable!

Grace and Dignity


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When Priyanka was asked about Nick once, she had openly admitted that it was during the MET Gala last year that he asked her to walk the red carpet with him. She hasn't ever shied away from answering any questions but knows what's exactly to be said. She handles all situations with sheer grace and dignity. That makes her one of a kind!

Live Life on Your Own Terms and Conditions

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People are always going to judge and will point fingers at you when you are bogged down. But you know what? You shouldn't give a tiny rat's a** and do whatever the hell you wanna do anyway just like Priyanka!

Be the Best Version of You!

Always always always be the best version of you. Enough said!

Now you know why Priyanka Chopra is our personal favourite! Do any of these qualities of the actress inspire you? If yes, comment below and tell us! Also, here's wishing the diva a very happy birthday.

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