Juhi Chawla Asks Fans About Their Environment Friendly Diwali Plans; Twitterati Targets Her AC Rooms And Cars
Juhi Chawla as Chatro (Photo Credit: VVC Films)

Juhi Chawla has been advocating environmental friendly ways to celebrate festivals and also leading life. Recently, she was ready to pull Shah Rukh Khan's ears for giving Abram to drink water from a plastic bottle. Later, she realised it was a steel bottle. She then asked her fans on twitter how are they looking to have an environment friendly Diwali. As is obvious in this age of low cost internet, Twitterati found more joy in targeting her ACs and cars rather than divulging their plans. Rishi Kapoor To Work With Former Co-Star Juhi Chawla After Returning To India?

There were some who even got Bakr-eid in the conversation. Someone even wants to boycott Bollywood movies for the same. What so environment friendly in that? Clearly, twitter got the memo all wrong!

How about yours?

Did not get the memo at all!

Finally somebody did understand the purpose!

Ego at the wrong place

Elites, please listen!

Please explain!

Not the point here DUDE!

Weird logic

Well Juhi, forgive them. This is what happens when you feel obliged to react on any and everything even if you don't make any sense. Twitter is a place like that.